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Brian Chute - Acrylic Painting


The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it

Brian Chute
241 Richard Road
North Bay, ON P1A 3C5
Email: bchute@cogeco.ca

Since moving to Northern Ontario as a high school teacher in 1972, I have always been awed by the power and grace of the forces of nature. I returned to acrylic painting upon retirement from teaching in 2007. The interplay and competition of the natural elements with human enterprise, is the focus of my art. By enveloping viewers with vibrant colour and strong shapes, I invite them to enter my painting. I want the viewer to do more than just enjoy my art.

My emerging style, which is part realism and part impressionist, has been influenced by the works of such Canadian artist as Arthur Lismer (1885-1969), Clarence A. Gagne (1881-1942), Arthur Lloy (1929-1986) and E. J. Hughes (1913-2007). I find inspiration in their aggressive forms, volatile moods and their interpretation of man’s symbiotic relationship with nature.

Themes of change and continuity fill my canvas as I capture and share my understanding of the natural world around us with others. 

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