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Ann McGowan - Acrylic Abstracts of Trees


The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it
I started painting in 2013, I love trees and color, the two just seem to go together, trees have a fluidity that often lends itself to human emotion. I am from Toronto originally but I have lived around the world and recently moved to Sundridge just this spring.
I started by finding photographs of trees on the internet and then I started taking some of my own photo's and friends often send me photos of trees they find, I adapt the photo's, I do not paint them dutifully, I put my own spin on them. I work in acrylics.
I have no formal art education but I have always loved art and have been to many of the major art galleries around the world, painting gives me peace and joy.

PO Box 238
Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0

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