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Lindy Vardy -  The Variegated Devas' Nursery


The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it
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Lindy Vardy
Studio: 1027 Hwy 11 North
Emsdale, ON P0A 1J0
Home: 48 West Street South
Huntsville, ON P1H 1P6
Email: growus@variegateddevas.ca
Web: www.variegateddevas.ca
FB: variegateddevas
We began to create a Nursery called the Variegated Devas’ in the year 2004 in the township of Perry, Ontario.

The term “variegated” refers to the virtue whereby two or more colour variations appear in the leaves, stems or flowers of plants. “Deva,” an anglicized version of the Sanskrit word “thewa,” describes the radiant beings of light who carefully supervise plant growth.

Started when the timing was perfect, the goal of The Variegated Devas’ Nursery is to enrich the way the Universe gardens, by offering the healthiest, most ingeniously far reaching plant choices, enabling gardeners to worship unbridled, expressing wondrous passion.

We are obsessed by the wonder of a palette which is alive.

What better art form than one which contributes to the stewardship of our own existence? Fostering plants cleans the air we breathe…imagine a million tiny green lips on every leaf inhaling Co2…imagine reducing your own personal carbon footprint.

Past to present flowers connect humanity. We will endeavor to build a dream with one thumb in the altered vibrational world of spirit and the other expressing a wondrous passion.

To find us... North from Huntsville on Hwy 11, continue 5km past Novar’s exit #235 Watch for our NEW BILLBOARD and for km marker 240 & prepare to exit right into the driveway #1027 Hwy 11N
South from North Bay on Hwy 11 take Exit #235 at Novar, follow the directions to turn around and go back northwards on Hwy.# 11 towards North Bay. Travel 5 km, watch for our NEW BILLBOARD and km. marker 240 & prepare to exit right #1027 Hwy 11N.
Open Daily During the Grow Season ~ 9 a.m. - 5 p.m
We have set ourselves on fire with a passion for the world of plants.
Come watch us burn.

Contact us:

…may the Devas be with you…