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Morgan Walker - Painting


The beauty of nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect it

Morgan Walker
140 First Ave. East
North Bay, ON P1B 1J6
email: artbymorganw@hotmail.ca

I have always had a need to create and since I can’t play the guitar, I had to settle with drawing and painting. I started my art career creating pencil sketches on a commission basis for clients for a few years then switched to acrylics, and photography. Recently I’ve added watercolours and wood carving (birds) to my repertoire, with some success.

Whenever possible, I prefer to do my work via “plein air”. Working on-site provides so many details that a photograph can never reveal. 
The majority of my work is in a realism style but that doesn’t mean something completely different won’t come off the easel once in a while. Numerous interests from landscapes, wildlife and anything mechanical ensure no shortage in subject matter to work from. Diversity, from the initial idea to the presentation of a piece, is the key to maintain creativity.

I admire the works of many different artists ranging from the Old Masters, right across the spectrum to a multitude of current artists. Inspiration can come from many different places.

When someone comments that my work has affected their mood, brought back a memory or triggered an emotive response; then I know I’ve done my job properly. 
Commissions are accepted.

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